Our current W.I.P

recently our life partner went to the wrestling hall of fame for a few days. Now they are back we are truly glad. With them gone we weren’t able to get much work done. Yesterday we got some done and talk as they are still recovering from the jetlag or an illness. We posted a new page about the story. It’s all about our current story. will add more pages about the stories we have written.

This story was inspired by Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries. I will never copy of any novel of any writer. I write my own stories. I have my own favourite writers. Cheryl Rainfield, Bill Konigsberg, Liz Rettig and Andy Briggs, these authors are ones I rely on when I get writers block. I go to their books I own I read them or I read my synonyms and antonyms dictionary or any writing book. These are helpful in ridding me of writing block.

Writers block is a difficult to deal with for all writers, beginners and professionals that have been published. I am a beginner as not yet had one of my books published yet. it’s in the works I believe.

Poem – Monday

I’m all out of be-botheredness
My ‘get up and go’ it just went
My enthusiasm has deserted me
My energy well and truly spent

My ‘to do’ list keeps on growing
I’m adding not taking away
I feel like I’m drowning in chores
They’ll have to wait for another day

It’s Monday you see, that explains it
The weekend all used up and gone
Five more sleeps till the next one
It’s going to feel like a marathon!

So don’t expect too much from me
On this the first day of the week
I’ll be better tomorrow I promise
But for today I’m still half asleep!

New Story Idea

While watching some videos on Youtube a few days ago we got a weird idea for a comedic story. This might sound a bit weird at this time. I thought as we were in a pandemic and everyone could use a story like this to put a smile on their faces. This should make some people laugh I hope.

The idea for this story is about a pandemic where people who do physical exercise of any kind start sneezing immediately. As they are sneezing out of their noses are coming rainbow sprinkles and out their ears comes cheese puffs. This is illness causing the world to stop everyone to stop any kind of physical exercise. That stopped NFL/NBA/NHL/MLB/MLS all stop there televised sports games.

Only doctors and specialists can research for a cure. The is a cure found by end of story. Wheelchair users use their pets to pull them along as they can’t move themselves as that is classed as exercise. No sweating allowed for this pandemic.

Poem – Dear Best Friend

Cheer up best friend
Don’t give up yet
Please don’t do
Something you
Would regret.
I’m here to tell
You it’ll be alright.
Ill be there for
You every dam night.
You have so much
To live for
It just wouldn’t be right
It would literally
Kill me,
If you took your life tonight.
I love you like
Another sister,
That I always will.
And when you’re
Feeling down and weak,
Ill help you
Up that hill.
Because you are beautiful
And you are strong.
Who gives a shit
If they think im wrong.
But we all need someone
When times get real hard,
Just keep the faith boo
And keep moving on!


Procrastination is the action of delaying or postponing something. The word has origin from the Latin procrastinatus, which itself evolved from the prefix pro-, meaning “forward,” and crastinus, meaning “of tomorrow.”

Procrastination is one the main barriers blocking us from getting up, making decisions and living the dream life.

Recent studies have shown that people regret more the things they haven’t done than the things they have done. In addition, feelings of regret and guilt resulting from missed opportunities tend to stay with people much longer.

Think about the wasted times we all have spent watching TV, and not spent doing something we wanted to do otherwise. I’ve always wanted to write and published my stories/novels before I was an adult. Now look at me, I’m in my adult years and still no novel published. I am now working on accomplishing this achievement.

The thought of procrastinating each day as it comes along. There are many things that fill a day and we miss out on so much. Each day I never write or work on something I love to do. I fail to accomplish my dream and goals. Think of what you cam accomplish if you stop and think what you’d you if you live up to your dreams and stop procrastinating and work on those dreams you long to live up to all your life.

Don’t let procrastination take you down. You take down procrastination. Grab it by the horns and take it down. Take you dream and fulfill them. It’s what I’m doing now. My life is mine and my dreams are for living up to.

Warhammer Fiction

Long time ago before I ever ventured into anything to resemble a novel or poetry even I was an avid reader and gamer of miniatures. I loved to play Warhammer miniatures game. I would collect them by the thousands and had a huge collection in my loft in my home. It was fun and I would write short stories about the games we’d play with friends in Ireland and Belgium, Holland.

We travelled around Europe with our van loaded up with boxes of miniatures. There was four of us travelling throughout our travels in various countries as we found players to play with. We also played other games too. Warhammer was our game though. We found out that our family which we were trying hard to evade found us all the time due to our brother calling home.

Our brother was their spy which we never knew till our family came to take us home. Now we’re in America and away from our family. We lost our collection of many miniature. We couldn’t bring them here with us. We do however, read tons of Warhammer fiction. That is our passion now. The stories we read are the greatest ever read by us. We read many other stories that are Young adult and middle-grade. Warhammer is the best. We had one series and right now Robert Earl is one of our favourite Warhammer authors. I love his Broken Honour. I think this is the second time we’ve read the novel we got.

I know this is not one of our usual posts. This is about a rambling I do sometimes. Will try posting more often on here. chat soon….

New Story – W.I.P.

It’s been a while since I’ve posted and I’ve been extra busy recently. With Covid-19 and writing along with other real-life issues causing difficulties in everyone’s lives recently. We put our heart into our current story. It’s a kind of parody of story. I’ve put up a page about the story. I will post more about it later on in the month. It’s not the time right now.

We got out Covid-19 shot on Friday and we suffering a couple of side-effects, not that many though. At least we only had to have one shot. Back to the matter at hand. Our story it’s called (Fugitive of the Royal Court). The last name is Duckstien and they have hippy names too. It’s something different for us to write.

This story is fun and enjoyable to write. We at chapter five and it’s got lgbt aspects in it. We wanted them in the story as we are lgbt ourselves. This is what we believe should be more stories for middle-grade and young adult lgbt stories out there. Writing this stories will help us put that on the market. We will be hoping to finish this by the end of summer to autumn. This will be dedicated to our Dad as he is our inspiration along with our Mother-in-law.

Happy Writing…


as the Danish say it Farvel. As the Dutch say it totziens. As the French say it Au Revoir. As the Germans say it Auf wwiedersehen. As the Greek say it Yasou. As the Hwaiian say it Aloha. As the Irish say it Slan. As the Italian say it Arrivederci. As the Japanese say it Sayōnara. As the Korean say it Annyeong. As the Latin say it Vale. As the Norwegian say it Ha det bra. As the Polish say it Zegnaj. As the Russians say it Do svidaniya. As the Spanish say it Adios. As the Welsh say it Hwyl Fawr. And as we say it in America see ya later alligator. In a while crocidile. Until next time. Goodbye, Calvin Klien Aka. Caley Knuteson.

When we want to say goodbye we have so many way to say it. For some of us we only know one way to say goodbye (see ya – or – bye). that is always how I say it. I know the Japanese and Russian ways I not fluent in either language I learnt both of these languages when travelling around the world running from our abusive family. We landed here in Indiana. We are somewhat happy here with our partner and best friend.

Men With Pens

Writing has a lot to do with how you view with your ability and talent. Talent and ability are the same thing to a lot of people. When you’re a guy like myself, you need a electronic device. That device will have a word processor. We use Microsoft Office 365. Word is hard thing to use when you’re our age. we’re a writer in the middle of menopause. Yes a man with menopause. That does sound very weird.

That however does sound like I’m a transgendered male. You will be correct in that assumption. I’m a FtM and I hope that doesn’t chase a lot of my readers away. If you leave and are Christian that means you weren’t a Christian after all that reading after all. Christians should be accepting of all kinds of people. I believe everyone has a right to be who they truly are. That includes being there true-selves.

Being your true-selves is the best thing in your lives. God made us the way we are and if someone doesn’t like the way you are, then they aren’t your true friend after all that. What am I ranting on about. I’m not sure. I’m a man in a woman’s body who loves writing and ranting on about a lot of different things. I have a belief system in God and Jesus and reading my Bible. In reading my Bible has us believing in God that We can be ourselves for that exact self for that reason. Due to GOD!!!