Setting in Fiction

The elements that make us a story are {Settings, Characters, Plot, Conflict, Resolution, Point of View and Theme.} With these elements you make a good or even a great story. I’ve decided to research each of these elements in a little detail and write about them.

Fundamental Elements of Setting

Here is a list of the specific elements that setting encompasses:

  1. Locale. This relates to broad categories such as a country, state, region, city, and town, as well as to more specific locales, such as a neighborhood, street, house or school. Other locales can include shorelines, islands, farms, rural areas, etc.
  2. Time of year. The time of year is richly evocative and influential in fiction. Time of year includes the seasons, but also encompasses holidays, such as Hanukkah, Christmas, New Year’s Eve, and Halloween. Significant dates can also be used, such as the anniversary of a death of a character or real person, or the anniversary of a battle, such as the attack on Pearl Harbor.
  3. Time of day. Scenes need to play out during various times or periods during a day or night, such as dawn or dusk. Readers have clear associations with different periods of the day, making an easy way to create a visual orientation in a scene.
  4. Elapsed time. The minutes, hours, days, weeks, and months a story encompasses must be somehow accounted for or the reader will feel confused and the story will suffer from a lack of authenticity. While scenes unfold moment by moment, there is also time to account for between scenes, when a flashback is inserted, and when a character travels a long distance.
  5. Mood and atmosphere. Characters and events are influenced by weather, temperature, lighting, and other tangible factors, which in turn influence the emotional timbre, mood, and atmosphere of a scene.
  6. Climate. Climate is linked to the geography and topography of a place, and, as in our real world, can influence events and people. Ocean currents, prevailing winds and air masses, latitude, altitude, mountains, land masses, and large bodies of water all influence climate. It’s especially important when you write about a real setting to understand climatic influences. Harsh climates can make for grim lives, while tropical climates can create more carefree lifestyles.
  7. Geography. This refers to specific aspects of water, landforms, ecosystems, and topography in your setting. Geography also includes climate, soil, plants, trees, rocks and minerals, and soils. Geography can create obvious influences in a story like a mountain a character must climb, a swift-running river he must cross, or a boreal forest he must traverse to reach safety. No matter where a story is set, whether it’s a mountain village in the Swiss Alps or an opulent resort on the Florida coast, the natural world with all its geographic variations and influences must permeate the story.
  8. Man-made geography. There are few corners of the planet that have not been influenced by the hand of humankind. It is in our man-made influences that our creativity and the destructiveness of civilization can be seen. Readers want visual evidence in a story world, and man-made geography is easily included to provide it. With this in mind, make certain that your stories contain proof of the many footprints that people have left in its setting. Use the influences of humankind on geography to lend authenticity to stories set in a real or famous locale. These landmarks include dams, bridges, ports, towns and cities, monuments, burial grounds, cemeteries, and famous buildings. Consider too the influences of mankind using the land, and the effects of mines, deforestation, agriculture, irrigation, vineyards, cattle grazing, and coffee plantations.
  9. Eras of historical importance. Important events, wars, or historical periods linked to the plot and theme might include the Civil war, World War II, medieval times, the Bubonic Plague, the gold rush in the 1800s, or the era of slavery in the South.
  10. Social/political/cultural environment. Cultural, political, and social influences can range widely and affect characters in many ways. The social era of a story often influences characters’ values, social and family roles, and sensibilities.
  11. Population. Some places are densely populated, such as Hong Kong, while others are lonely places with only a few hardy souls. Your stories need a specific, yet varied population that accurately reflects the place.
  12. Ancestral influences. In many regions of the United States, the ancestral influences of European countries such as Germany, Ireland, Italy, and Poland are prominent. The cities and bayous of Louisiana are populated with distinctive groups influenced by their Native American, French-Canadian, and African American forebears. Ancestral influences can be depicted in cuisine, dialogue, values, attitudes, and general outlook.

Poem – Eternal Flame

This is a love story about a crystal and a quartz
He was very fond of her and decided they should court
Though he was quite shy with his feelings to unveil
He thought instead he’d write a letter and send it in the mail

The crystal was delighted when she got his note
And couldn’t help but blush after reading what he wrote
She ran off to her mother in an excited state
To announce that the quartz had asked her on a date

The mother told her NO! when she became aware
“A crystal and a quartz are two that should never pair”
She told her to stay away and pretend this never came
And warned her if they got together, it will end in flames

The crystal ran upstairs and began crying in her room
But she was still so determined that their love should bloom
Then she heard a whistle from her window down below
And who else was waiting there but her Romeo

He signalled to the crystal to come down and run away
She was so taken aback her heart began to sway
And climbed down from her window to run off into the night
Then only stopping when each knew they were out of sight

The crystal told the quartz what her mother warned
“If we ever got together, our hearts would both be scorned”
The quartz whispered to her “That is just a fable…
Now please join me for our dinner as I’ve booked a table”

She was on cloud nine where her heart began to float
And started to fall in love with everything he’d quote
Soon they were sharing dinner, and their whole night was just bliss
That they could not stop themselves leaning for a kiss

But just as her mother warned for their love to not embark
Because when crystal and quartz connected, they’ll produce a spark
So often the result will always be quite dire
And neither of them knew that this would start a fire

Everyone panicking as smoke alarms started to sound
Running out to safety as they watched the place burn down
The crystal crying to the quartz “Maybe my mother’s right!
That we don’t belong together and should keep out of sight”

Sadly they would leave and each walk their own way
And not until in darkness both saw what would display
A flame which softly glowed within their hearts was lit
And surely this was a message for their love to never quit

They both ran back realizing what this would mean
That no more are they in danger because their hearts were keen
Now they can hug and kiss while no longer feeling shame
Because a spark’s no longer needed with loves eternal flame

New W.I.P.

Over the last few weeks I’ve been sick with a cold and now all that lingering is a nasty cough. I have a cat called Pacer named after the Indiana Pacer’s. She is a tuxedo cat. She picked us over us picking her. Long story about her. Will talk about her in another post. At the present time we are going to talk about the ideas I get and how they come to my mind, where and when. It unusual where I get my story ideas and when. If anyone reading this gets story ideas in unusual places, my tip is always carry a notebook on your. I do everywhere.

I tend to carry a notebook in my backpack or laptop bag when I’m out. Being in a wheelchair I need a bag with me at all time. I love to get out of our apartment as I get claustrophobic at home a lot. The need to get to the library or to a local eatery is another place I like. These are places I tend to get ideas for stories. It’s fun to watch, without causing attention to oneself.

When you are at a restaurant or cafe and in a wheelchair, nobody tends to pay attention to you while your looking around. I put my notebook in front of myself and jot down notes about the staff of the restaurant, the people in the place. It gives you ideas for a story or your current one. I love the atmosphere you get in places like a restaurant, bar, library and the like. I even get ideas in a grocery story or bookstore. I love to enter other places of businesses to soak up the atmosphere. Observe the people and understand how real people act and interact with each other. It gives you ideas for characters in a story.

My current story : Partners in Crime – Is about a single father who takes his son from England to America to be with his girlfriend, who he has been having a relationship with for eighteen months. She has two children, both girls. They both plan on getting married. The children from both parents get together to do their best to stop them getting married and help the boy and his father go back to England. I’ll put up more about the story later.

Health Update

It’s been a while since I posted here. I know I should make an effort to work on posting more often. When health comes into things you have to step back and deal wish it how long it takes to get back onto your feel. I suffer from severe depression along with PTSD and (D.I.D/M.P.D) D.I.D – Dissociative Identity Disorder, it’s the new name of Multiple Personality Disorder.

Now I’m getting over a bad case of the cold/flu with only got left a cough and sore throat. for the last couple of weeks I’ve been in doing nothing other than eating porridge and throwing up. the only thing I kept down was protein shakes.

Now I’m on the mend I’m going to attempt to get this blog going again. I have to get my writing going again. That is my first love. Animal Crossing is my second love. the last few weeks in the hell of being ill I have read a fee non-fiction books. It’s all my partner brings home from work. They start from peculiar to utter weirdness. He read some funny books and weird doesn’t actually come to mention the books he brings home.

When your partner works at the local library and you ask them for a few books while you’re recovering, you can get some books believe me. I have had some peculiar beyond belief. Anyhow, will breathe new life here yet. I have to get some inspiration to jog me in that direction.

Our current W.I.P

recently our life partner went to the wrestling hall of fame for a few days. Now they are back we are truly glad. With them gone we weren’t able to get much work done. Yesterday we got some done and talk as they are still recovering from the jetlag or an illness. We posted a new page about the story. It’s all about our current story. will add more pages about the stories we have written.

This story was inspired by Meg Cabot’s Princess Diaries. I will never copy of any novel of any writer. I write my own stories. I have my own favourite writers. Cheryl Rainfield, Bill Konigsberg, Liz Rettig and Andy Briggs, these authors are ones I rely on when I get writers block. I go to their books I own I read them or I read my synonyms and antonyms dictionary or any writing book. These are helpful in ridding me of writing block.

Writers block is a difficult to deal with for all writers, beginners and professionals that have been published. I am a beginner as not yet had one of my books published yet. it’s in the works I believe.

Poem – Monday

I’m all out of be-botheredness
My ‘get up and go’ it just went
My enthusiasm has deserted me
My energy well and truly spent

My ‘to do’ list keeps on growing
I’m adding not taking away
I feel like I’m drowning in chores
They’ll have to wait for another day

It’s Monday you see, that explains it
The weekend all used up and gone
Five more sleeps till the next one
It’s going to feel like a marathon!

So don’t expect too much from me
On this the first day of the week
I’ll be better tomorrow I promise
But for today I’m still half asleep!

New Story Idea

While watching some videos on Youtube a few days ago we got a weird idea for a comedic story. This might sound a bit weird at this time. I thought as we were in a pandemic and everyone could use a story like this to put a smile on their faces. This should make some people laugh I hope.

The idea for this story is about a pandemic where people who do physical exercise of any kind start sneezing immediately. As they are sneezing out of their noses are coming rainbow sprinkles and out their ears comes cheese puffs. This is illness causing the world to stop everyone to stop any kind of physical exercise. That stopped NFL/NBA/NHL/MLB/MLS all stop there televised sports games.

Only doctors and specialists can research for a cure. The is a cure found by end of story. Wheelchair users use their pets to pull them along as they can’t move themselves as that is classed as exercise. No sweating allowed for this pandemic.

Poem – Dear Best Friend

Cheer up best friend
Don’t give up yet
Please don’t do
Something you
Would regret.
I’m here to tell
You it’ll be alright.
Ill be there for
You every dam night.
You have so much
To live for
It just wouldn’t be right
It would literally
Kill me,
If you took your life tonight.
I love you like
Another sister,
That I always will.
And when you’re
Feeling down and weak,
Ill help you
Up that hill.
Because you are beautiful
And you are strong.
Who gives a shit
If they think im wrong.
But we all need someone
When times get real hard,
Just keep the faith boo
And keep moving on!